Saturday, October 21, 2017

Long Island Bar in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

@longislandbar is an historic bar/restaurant which was opened in 1951 by Ramon Montero and was run by his daughter Emma Sullivan (and her late husband) until 2007. It sat empty for nearly 7 years until it was lovingly restored (including the #vintage two-color #neonsign ) and reopened by Joel Tompkins and #mixologist Toby Cecchini. We love ❤️ that they not only kept but relit the #neon. We are sure that Emma would be proud! We photographed this #storefront back in 2004 for our book "Store Front:The Disappearing Face of New York" and also interviewed Emma who told us the name of the bar was chosen by her father "because Brooklyn was still considered part of Long Island back then".

Friday, October 20, 2017

Hudson. Gorgeous day rooftopping, East Village, NYC, earlier...

Newsstand, Union Square Park, NYC

Beginning in 2007, the city began to replace various old newsstands throughout Manhattan and the boroughs with glass and steel boxes by CEMUSA, which operate as franchise locations. The ramshackle old Newsstands were mainly privately-owned small businesses and the owners kept them for generations. Sadly this green, oval-shaped newsstand, recently closed and construction began to remake the location into a stand selling nuts. We will miss this #newsstand! #storefront #disappearingfaceofnewyork  #unionsquare

Union Square, Autumn. For Travel + Leisure via Getty Images. 10.20.17

Thursday, October 19, 2017


"James and Karla Murray’s classic tome from their ongoing Store Front series is now available (Dec 2017) for the first time in its covetable “mini” format. The Murrays have been capturing impeccable photographs from the streets of New York City since the 1990s. With Store Front II they’ve continued their documentation of an important cross-section of New York’s “Mom and Pop” economy. The Murray’s penetrating photographs are only half the story though. Their copious background texts, gleaned largely from interviews with the stores’ owners and employees, bring wonderful color and nuance to the importance of these unique one-off establishments.

The authors’ landmark 2008 book, Store Front, was recently cited in Bookforum’s 20th Anniversary issue as having “…demonstrated the paradoxical power of digital photo editing to alter actual views in order for us to see more clearly what is really there.” James and Karla Murray live in New York City and were awarded the New York Society Library’s prestigious New York City book award in 2012 for their last book, New York Nights."


In honor of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, which starts today: Milon, a Bangladesh Indian restaurant, East Village, NYC

Milon is a family-owned restaurant, which has been in business since 1982. As seen in this photo, Milon and its neighboring restaurants, take #Diwali very seriously and have decorated their interiors with thousands of lights. The owner of Milon told us that in the summer, they have to unplug lots of their lights because when the air conditioner is running, they overload the circuits! Photo from 2010 and full interview with owner appear in our book "New York Nights". #storefront #diwalidecor #lodownny #ig_signage #everything_signage #festivaloflights

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Photography from our visit to EverGreene Architectural Arts in Industry City, Brooklyn for 6sqft's new feature "Where I Work"...


"On Monday evening, the Historic Districts Council will present their 29th annual Landmarks Lion Award to Jeff Greene of EverGreene Architectural Arts, one of the nation’s foremost experts in specialty contracting for both traditional and new, innovative techniques for restoring and conserving murals, ornamental plaster, and decorative finishes. “Jeff has been pivotal in restoring some of New York City’s most beloved landmarks to their proper glory,” said HDC’s executive director Simeon Bankoff. And indeed, this is true; their commissions include the recent restoration of the New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Room, Brooklyn’s Loew’s Kings Theater, the Eldridge Street Synagogue, and the McKim, Mead and White-designed University Club, where the event will be held, and this only scratches the surface of their hundreds of projects throughout the country."